Slimy Blob

(click flash, keep mouse inside stage, use the cursor keys to interact with the blob)

Chris and I have experimented with several approaches of modeling soft bodies in flash (heavily inspired by loco roco ;-)). This is not a priority for the physics engine, but anyway nice to see :-) We have figured out 3 basic ways to do this:

  1. a spring-mass system with structural springs (e.g. every vertex is connected with every other vertex)
  2. a spring-mass system without structural springs (hull only) and a pressure force.
  3. a network of constrained particles using verlet integration.

We have put the third option to code. The downside is that verlet integration requires a tiny integration timestep and many iterations to make things stable so this is a serious performance killer. Things get worse if two soft bodies collide with each other. There is also a rare possibility to break constraints if you push the blob too hard. Option (1) and (2) should be faster to compute, but also less stable.

10 thoughts on “Slimy Blob”

  1. Maybe it’s just me..? I clicked the flash app (and right clicked to verify it registered as a .swf file), kept the mouse inside the stage, and used the cursor keys, but never saw anything but white. I tried using FP 9.0 r28 debug in Firefox 2 and I tried it with FP 9.0 r28 in IE 6. No luck…

  2. Is it in flash 8 or 9? looks amazing. i have no clue how u did it. r u going to release the source code any time soon?

  3. Hey, I was playing around with some blob techniques and noticed your blob is very smooth. How many particles did you use for this one?

  4. @5566 it’s done in AS3. I have modified the code, press ‘d’ to see the internals :-)

    @Oz there are about 80 particles and 120 constraints. I had to experiment a lot find a good balance between smoothness, performance and stability.

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