Box2DFlashAS3 released

Someone made a direct port of the great Box2D physics library from C++ to AS3 called Box2DFlashAS3. Because the physics solver of the motor engine is based on Box2D Light and the version I’m currently developing follows the Box2D engine framework closely I’m feeling a little redundant with my project now. Anyway I’ll continue development but there isn’t really a reason to wait for my release since Box2D is simply the best!

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  1. I’ve been playing around with the Box2D port and the core is really, really impressive. However, the API is directly ported from C++, and it really feels out of place in Actionscript. Very clunky to use the API, no proper event system for collision notifications, doesn’t take advantage of AS3’s implicit getters/setters etc.

    (Although I would imagine a more AS3-style API could be wrapped around it. Events could be tacked on as well.)

    I’m still looking forward to seeing your project, knowing how well designed the APIs to your Data Structures have been.

  2. Box@DFlashAS3 is sweeeeet…. but I’m really excited to see Motor all the same! I think that using Box2D in AS3 might prove a bit awkward for some developers. Besides, it’s always nice to see projects that derive in part from other work- not just straight ports!

  3. From the demos I’ve seen Motor seems to be more accurate in managing collisions. We’re all anticipating your top quality code, don’t get distracted.

  4. Box2D is great, true, I also found it awkward to use (especially the namespaces!?) and knowing your expertise in flash, Motor IS the next milestone in Physics Engines for Flash(redundant comment). Please don’t let us down, it would really be a big loss.
    once again keep up your amazinig work !

  5. Bummer, I hope you still release it. If not Box2D does look really good in performance but your demos are very well presented and I am sure it would at least match in quality. There is still a wide gap in 3d physics engines. I have been looking at Bullet and maybe a conversion. It is crazy how fast AS3 development is moving lately and how many new kits are on the scene but it is all about performance and quality in the end. Google wasn’t the first search engine.

  6. Box2D is great, no doubt, but apart from the port for AS3, i think your engine has the most potential to be a really useful tool for actionscript developers.
    And if you ever feel rendunant again about your project, just look at my physics engine ;D

  7. Please Mickael don’t give up. I’m pretty sure your engine’s performances will beat Box2D. I’ve discovered your project a week ago and I was really amazed by your skills.

  8. <3 motor

    Glad to hear you’re still working on it. I think yours will be much better.

    Box2DFlashAS3 felt really awkward to use when I tried. I fall in love with Motor every time I see the quadtree demo. :D

  9. Performance is not the most important requirement for most Flash developers when it comes to a physics engine, what is important though is ease of use. Box2d is great, but it looks fiddly, if your engine has the same performance but is easier to get to do cool things, then it will do well.

  10. Hey Michael,
    really looking forward to first release of Motor. Cant wait to start messing around with it and start integrating it with PV3d or Away3d :). Do you know when you might be doing the first release alpha , beta ??


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