Ace of Mace

Last year some guys started to work on a game called Ace of Mace built on top of my physics engine. It was officially released yesterday and won a price at the Europrix Multimedia Award before. Today it’s featured as the Adobe Site of the day. Great work!

Speaking about motor2, version 0.9 was released at the end of last year, and now I’m working on it to get a major release done.


  1. gludion

    nice ;)
    I played only a few levels (1-4).

    Perhaps the game lacks a camera.

    I noticed the game essentially uses the physics engine for collisions of a single moving object with static objects.
    Nothing wrong here,.. but did I miss something else? (eg: use of joints, multiple objects, etc..)

  2. maybe it’s not utilizing all features the engine offers, but on the other hand it’s simple, fun and looks great.

  3. Quite a charming little deviation to sit back from daily workflow and play a level or two…