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Who am I ?

My name is Michael Baczynski, I’m a freelance Flash game developer living in Germany. I created this blog to show my recent developments and projects, and to get in contact with other people sharing the same passion, namely everything about game development.
I offer state of the art game programming, with main interests in data structures, game algorithms, physics and artificial intelligence. I also love to design things, especially in 3D where I can look back on over 7 years of experience in 3D visualization.

Animago Award 20023D rendering done with 3dsmax back in 2000

What does polygonal mean ?

Technically speaking, a polygon is a “closed plane figure bounded by three or more line segments”. The word derives from the Greek “poly”, meaning “many”, and gonia, meaning “angle”. In some way a polygon is the equivalent of a pixel in 2D, since in 3D all objects are either directly or indirectly made of polygons.
I have chosen the name because it simply sounds nice and also implies that besides doing lots of programming, I started as a 3D designer years ago.

Imprint & contact

Phone: +49 (0)
Email: my first name at polygonal dot de
Twitter: polygonal

Michael Baczynski
Uhlandstr. 3
68167 Mannheim

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