collision detection

Feature-based geometrical algorithms

Performing collision queries over a large number of objects is computationally expensive and therefore it’s important to use clever algorithms to avoid bottlenecks. After all potentially colliding object pairs have been sorted out during the broad phase, the remaining task is to run some algorithms to determine if and where the objects intersect. Of course […]

Collision detection for particle systems

One of the things I’m working on for motor2 is the inclusion of a particle system, mainly for simulating bullets, fluids and soft bodies. The main challenge is to build a fast particle-polygon collision detection which would be able to compute the penetration depth and collision normal for a huge amount of particles. The containment […]

Quadtree demonstration

I’ve been working on different approaches to speed up the collision detection stage for some while now (mainly for the motor engine and some games). This includes a Quadtree which I started working on last year, but just recently got around to pick it up again. I’m still fine-tuning the code, so I can’t share […]

Collision detection with Recursive Dimensional Clustering

Brute force comparison Collision detection can be done in many ways. The most straightforward and simplest way is to just test every object against all other objects. Because every object has to test only for others after it in the list of objects, and testing an object with itself is useless, we arrive at the […]