Feature-based geometrical algorithms

Performing collision queries over a large number of objects is computationally expensive and therefore it’s important to use clever algorithms to avoid bottlenecks. After all potentially colliding object pairs have been sorted out during the broad phase, the remaining task is to run some algorithms to determine if and where the objects intersect. Of course […]

Collision detection for particle systems

One of the things I’m working on for motor2 is the inclusion of a particle system, mainly for simulating bullets, fluids and soft bodies. The main challenge is to build a fast particle-polygon collision detection which would be able to compute the penetration depth and collision normal for a huge amount of particles. The containment […]

Bounding circle computation

Computing the smallest bounding circle from a set of points is a tricky task and it’s not as straightforward as creating a bounding box. Admittedly I can’t think of many applications for it – maybe you could use it for collision culling of soft-bodies, where you mostly get a tighter bounding representation than with a […]