Introduction to ds

“Introduction to ds” is a slide presentation/manual about ds which I started last year. I never had enough time to finish it quickly so I wrote it now and then and just recently finished it. The presentation explains the concepts and design decisions behind ds, provides short code examples to demonstrate basic usage and covers […]

Traversing the display list

A great HaXe feature is that you can define your own Iterator and execute it with the for-syntax. It can be used in many different ways and drastically improves readability of your code. AS3 developers often need to look at the display list, so I wrote a basic DisplayListIterator to handle this task. Here is […]


After a long silence it’s time to update my blog again. So what happened? I moved from AS3 to HaXe and actually published my first flash game written in HaXe. This was a very ambitious job and virtually took all my time because in addition to a very tight deadline I had to port my […]


haXe is fantastic! The language has some very nice features like type inference which I don’t want to miss anymore. Even better, the compiler is lightning fast and will provide you almost instantly with compiler errors, so fixing your code becomes a short and sweet procedure. There are also libraries available for writing ABC byte […]