After a long silence it’s time to update my blog again. So what happened? I moved from AS3 to HaXe and actually published my first flash game written in HaXe. This was a very ambitious job and virtually took all my time because in addition to a very tight deadline I had to port my AS3 libraries to HaXe.

By the time the game was finished I started to work on a single open source library called polygonal as a replacement for the as3ds and motor2 project. The latter simply became unmanageable as it was using many other small libraries – so it made sense to bundle everything and provide a single out of the box solution, rather than creating a bunch of small projects.

Meanwhile, the polygonal project is hosted here: http://code.google.com/p/polygonal/
The next task is to update the physics engine so it compiles against the new library.


haXe is fantastic! The language has some very nice features like type inference which I don’t want to miss anymore. Even better, the compiler is lightning fast and will provide you almost instantly with compiler errors, so fixing your code becomes a short and sweet procedure. There are also libraries available for writing ABC byte code or PixelBender assembler directly in haXe. Isn’t that nice ?

The only problem right now is the lack of a full blown IDE for haXe. I love FlashDevelop and use it every day. Unfortunately the auto completion for haXe in FD3 is somewhat in an experimental stage and goes crazy for classes with type parameters. Hopefully this will be improved in a future release. But otherwise the work flow is very nice and I’m currently porting my open-source libraries to haXe.